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“Anybody can provide equipment; it’s the way you implement that equipment and the attitude you have that makes for a successful production.”

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Friendly Essex and London based freelance sound recordist, qualified with a BA in audio production from the School of Audio Engineering. Experience in big budget and small-scale productions, including feature-length/short film, episodic/soap opera television, documentary, corporate and commercial productions.

I assimilate well in a team and communicate attentively from project inception through to post-production, maintaining a methodical approach to the client brief and production requirements.

My equipment will capture optimal sound recordings delivered promptly in any format and labelling system specified by the client/editor. I have a wide range of equipment that can be modified for big shoots operating from a sound cart, or configured into a bag for smaller documentary, interview, short film style productions.

Available to work domestically and globally with full UK driving license.



In The Deathroom – Lightworks Film

Sound recordist

The Opal – Independent

Sound recordist

The Magical World of MiraclesSt Maur Pictures

Sound recordist

On the Way – Independent

Sound recordist

Second Date – Holst Media Productions

Sound recordist

The Order – Phoenix Works Films

Sound recordist

Wife is a Four-Letter Word – Imaginary Friends

Sound recordist

Momento Mori – Lighthouse Films

Sound recordist

Knock Knock – Affecting Films

Sound recordist

The Taxi Driver – Independent

Sound recordist

The Bench – Gatton Films

Sound recordist

Giant – The Apex

Sound recordist

Through the Scope – Independent

Sound recordist

A.I. and You

St Maur Pictures


EastEnders AD – 18th May 2022

Boom Operator

EastEnders  AD – 28 Oct 2021

Boom Operator

The Murders at White House Farm – New Pictures EP 1.2

Sound Assistant

Catastrophe – Avalon Television EP 3.1

Sound Assistant

Doctor Foster, a Woman Scorned – Drama Republic EP 2.1

Sound Assistant

Doctor Foster, a Woman Scorned – Drama Republic EP 2.5

Sound Assistant

EastEnders AD 11.01.22

Boom operator


How to Make a Living in Jazz – Nash Productions

Sound recordist

Discovering Karol Rathaus – Film

Vision Plaesion Sound recordist


Lure – 49 to Midnight Films

Sound recordist

The Diaries od Tai Atlas – H Visions Entertainment

Sound recordist

The Game Changer – Dryblue Films

Sound recordist

Thai Boxer – Treasure Tower Films

Sound recordist

Corporate / Commercial

My Say Matters (Barnet Council)

Clearhead Productions

FRP and Rickard Luckin (Promo)

Tidyworks Studio

Robert Devereux: Sina Jinna collection

Christie’s London

Charlotte Taylor interview

Christie’s London

Hill Group (Promo)

Tidywork Studio

Photo Gallery




Soundcart Explorer


Orca OR-334


Tascam HS-P82 8 channel


Audio Developments AD 146 10 channel mixer


2 x Sennheiser MKH 416, 2 x Neumann KM 184, 1 x Sanken CUB


1 x Panamic 3m, 1 x Ambient 6m, 2 x Rycote quick release, 2 x Rycote Lyre shock mount, 1 x Rycote pistol grip, 1 x Rycote InVision 7HG MKIII shock mount


2 x BumbleBee softie windshield, 2 x Bumblebee short haired spacer cover


6 x Sennheiser G3 transmitter/receiver units, 6 x Sanken COS 11, 2 x Sennheiser SKP 500 transmitter, 2 x Sennheiser G4 receiver


Audio Wireless DADM228-P module, 2 x Audio Wireless LPDA-A-WB Antenna x 2


4 x Sennheiser EK IEM receiver, Sennheiser SR IEM transmitter, 4 x Beyerdynamic  DT 240 headphones


2 x Ambient Nano, 1 x Ambient ACN Lockit, Cables


Audioroot cart battery, Audioroot Esmart power distributor, 2 x Swit NP battery, Ipower AA rechargeable batteries, chargers

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Ryan Millar

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